JTerm desktop

A Java environment with Linux shell

JTerm shell

JTerm is a desktop with major Linux shell commands implemented in Java. It is available for any platform where Java can be used. Running the JTerm program on Windows will give you Linux-like work environment. The program is fully integrated with Java and BeanShell.

JTerm features

  • Most common Linux/Unix commands supported (cp, ls, pwd, wget, find, grep, ..)
  • Unlimited number of terminals.
  • Editors for programmers with syntax highlighting
  • SSH terminal to login to other computers
  • Full integration with Java and BeanShell
  • Run any Java jar file by typing the file name. Portable application.

How to run JTerm

Download the JTerm from the download link. Them unzip the jterm-[version].zip. Run the application as "java -jar jterm.jar". More conveniently, run the script "jterm.sh" (for Linux/Mac/Unix) or jterm.bat (Linux)

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The downloaded JTerm application is a demo version. It has several limitations such as: one console per desktop, no SSH terminal, restriction on running jar files etc. To activate the full version, register using the Membership link and send your donations. Then you can activate the demo version selecting [Menu]-[Activate] and entering your user name exactly as you requested during the membership registration.

Demo version
Full version
Unix commands Yes Yes
Multiple terminals
No Yes
SSH terminal
No Yes
Update No

Posted by jwork.org on Jun 01, 2015
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The license for this product is here.

Posted by jwork.org on Jun 01, 2015
Tags: JTerm