Welcome to jPort

Welcome to the jPort project - an application launcher for portable Java applications on every computer everywhere you go. jPort creates a Java enabled menu to launch dozens of free applications.

How easy is it to use?

jPort desktop does not require installation. Simply upload jPort on any desktop and hundreds of awesome applications will be under your fingertips. You can copy the jPort package to a USB flash drive and you can use jPort applications on any computer while you are traveling.

Where to use it

  • Use it at home and you never loose your favorite applications even after reinstalling or uprating your home computer.
  • Run it on any system, and you will have the same working environment on every computer, Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
  • Copy it to a USB and take your working environment to travel, conferences and homes of your friends.
  • Students can use it on campuses or at schools using public computers.
  • Use it on computers at your work without administrative privileges to install your favorite applications.
  • Give it to an employee and the host system will never be changed even when used by others.

How we are different?

Unlike other platform-specific portable applications, jPort provides a multiplatform desktop environment with best Java applications that run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other systems.

jPort is a portable application launcher for Java-enabled platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). We have the best selection of free programs for office science, education, code development and entertainment.

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