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Programs supported by jPort

Supported Java programs are organized in several categories shown below. Non-activated jPort includes programs marked as Yes in the "Demo" column. Activated jPort includes all listened programs. One can search for a given program using PJP database of jPort.
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Programs Program description Size (MB) Demo
Develop 22 programs 165.3
Arachnophilia Arachnophilia A powerful HTML editor for web pages 2.3 No
BlueJ BlueJ Interactive Java environment 6.4 No
BeanShell BeanShell Lightweight Scripting for Java 0.3 Yes
Cademia Cademia a CAD system 14.7 No
DrJava DrJava A lightweight Java IDE 10.9 No
Druid Druid A database management tool 3.6 No
EkitPro EkitPro A visual editor for HTML files bundled with an equation editor 0.5 No
Ekit Ekit A visual editor for HTML files 0.4 Yes
Electric Electric A complete EDA system for circuit design,Schematic Capture (digital and analog), Custom IC layout, LogicSimulation, Electro-mechanical hybrid layout, Programmable logic (FPGAs) 23.9 No
10 FaR FaR Find and replace text in files in entire directory trees 0.7 No
11 FidoCadJ FidoCadJ A vector drawing program for electrical symbols and footprints(chematic capture and electronic design automation) 3.5 No
12 Groovy Groovy A console for dynamic language for the Java 27.2 No
13 JarExplorer JarExplorer Browse the contents of Java jar files and decompile 1.3 No
14 Jaxe Jaxe Advanced editor for XML files 39.5 No
15 JCad JCad 2D CAD program with vector graphic output 2.6 No
16 JLokalize JLokalize Editor for property files for internationalization (i18n) of Java applications 0.6 No
17 Popeye Popeye graphical editor for multilingual (I18N) property files 0.6 No
18 NTTCad NTTCad CAD program for drawing 0.3 No
19 Orbada Orbada Database manager for Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, HSQLDB, DerbyDB, MySQL 19.5 No
20 PRBeditor PRBeditor A graphical editor for property files and internationalization. 1.5 No
21 PyLearn PyLearn Interactive Python / Jython console 2.4 No
22 tIDE tIDE Java integrated development environment (IDE) 2.6 No
Education 16 programs 100.7
Benoit Benoit Working with Mandelbrot Set (Fractals) 0.1 Yes
EJS EJS Easy Java Simulations is a tool for the creation of discrete computersimulations 27.0 No
gattMath gattMath Interactive integration and differentiation of functions in 2D and3D 0.2 No
Geometria Geometria Creating and solving problems in solid geometry 4.7 No
Jalmus Jalmus Music education program to improve sight-reading (for pianists) 0.9 No
JConvert JConvert A universal unit converter 0.1 Yes
jMemorize jMemorize Leitner flashcards for memorizing facts 3.5 No
jOcular jOcular Optical Design Software for optical systems comprised oflenses, apertures, gratings, imagerse 0.2 No
Logisim Logisim Designing and simulating digital logic circuits 6.1 No
10 Mars-Simulation Mars-Simulation Creates a simulation of human settlement on the Mars planet 28.8 No
11 MatrixCalculator MatrixCalculator Matrix Calculator for symmetric matrices 0.0 No
12 Myrtle Myrtle A simple programmable spreadsheet for learning statistics 9.0 No
13 OpenRocket OpenRocket A model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets. 17.5 No
14 Sphaerica Sphaerica An interactive spherical geometry software to create complexgeometric constructions in spherical geometry 0.3 No
15 UCalc UCalc Calculations using different measurement and physics units. 0.2 No
16 Zirkel Zirkel Interactive geometry program. 2.1 No
Finance 10 programs 68.4
dsBudget dsBudget A personal financial management / budgeting application 8.4 No
EuroBudget EuroBudget A checkbook management for accounting 1.1 No
Flophase Flophase A simple cash flow application. 0.7 Yes
jGnash jGnash Personal Finance 27.8 No
NCMoney NCMoney complete solution to manage bank accounts, similar to MS Money 7.2 No
plcash plcash a platform-independent personal financial program 0.5 No
RealCIX RealCIX Personal accounting with double entry booking and e-billing 9.0 No
UnkleBill UnkleBill Monitor your personal accounting 6.6 No
Wampum Wampum A personal financial manager 3.6 No
10 Yapbam Yapbam A personal bank account manager 3.5 No
Games 9 programs 81.8
Domination Domination Game similar to Risk 5.4 No
FreeCol FreeCol Civilization game in which the player has to conquer the New World 34.8 No
jChecs jChecs A chess program 2.2 Yes
JChessBoard JChessBoard A chess game hat can be connected to anothergame via a direct internet connection. Also, it is PGN viewer and editor. 0.2 No
Jetris Jetris A tetris game 0.2 Yes
Mario Survival Mario Survival A variation of the classic Mario game with a custom mapeditor. 1.1 No
Salvage Team Salvage Team An action adventure space game. You pilot a small ship thatcollects rubbish 25.1 No
SJCE SJCE Strong Chess Engines including 15 best xboard/winboard chess engines 12.5 Yes
Sudokuki Sudokuki A graphical SUDOKU game 0.3 No
Graphics 22 programs 67.7
Arabeske Studio Arabeske Studio A tool for complex symmetric interlaceddrawings (arabesque drawings) 0.3 No
ArgoUML ArgoUML A modeling tool with support for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams 15.8 No
Art of Illusion Art of Illusion A full featured 3D modelling, rendering, and animation studio. 12.9 No
Atomic Atomic 3D scene creator and editor 3.0 No
DrawSWF DrawSWF A drawing for animated flash file 0.4 No
Escher Escher Web Sketch Graphical Tool 0.2 Yes
Giftedmotion Giftedmotion An easy to use GIF animator program. 0.1 No
GLIPSGraffiti GLIPSGraffiti SVG graphics editor, similar to CorelDraw 8.7 No
GraTeX GraTeX Visual graph creator for LaTeX (PGF & TikZ) 0.2 Yes
10 IconEdit IconEdit Editor for icon files (8x8 to 255x255 pixels) 0.2 Yes
11 ImageEditor ImageEditor Image editor with a support of multiple image formats 4.1 No
12 ImageJ2x ImageJ2x Image processing program 5.5 No
13 ImageJ ImageJ Advanced program for image manipulation 3.6 No
14 iSight iSight A 3D mesh visualizer for data in obj, off, gts, ply formats 1.6 No
15 JDraw JDraw A pixel oriented graphics editor 0.7 Yes
16 JGraphEd JGraphEd a interactive graph drawing framework 0.6 No
17 RoffView RoffView A viewer for 3D images in OFF format 0.1 No
18 Kabeja Kabeja Parsing, processing and converting Autodesk's DXF files 5.9 No
19 LaTexDraw LaTexDraw A graphical drawing editor for LaTeX 1.5 No
20 NeoTextureEdit NeoTextureEdit A texture editor to create 2D textures for real-time rendering 1.2 No
21 Pixelitor Pixelitor Image manipulation and drawing 0.9 No
22 PiXflow PiXflow Browses your image directories on your hard disk andpreview them as thumbnails 0.2 No
Home 4 programs 24.5
GenealogyJ GenealogyJ A viewer and editor for genealogy data 11.9 No
JFamily JFamily Genealogy tree tool 1.4 No
JPhotoTagger JPhotoTagger Photo manager 11.1 No
MapPanel MapPanel Online map of the word using OpenStreetmap 0.1 Yes
Office 45 programs 531.5
ApexText ApexText A powerful text editor for programmers 1.5 No
Bibi Bibi Bibtex file manager for LaTex documents 2.9 No
Borg Borg A desktop calendar and planner 4.2 No
Columba Columba An email client featuring a user-friendlygraphical interface and internalionalization support 21.2 No
DragMath DragMath A "drag and drop" equation editor supporting MathML, LaTeX, Maple 1.1 No
EasyCalc EasyCalc scientific calculator with a multi-line display 0.1 No
FreeMind FreeMind A mind mapping software 12.7 No
FreeTTS FreeTTS A speech synthesizer. This is text-to-speech for ASCII, JSML and JSML text files 12.0 No
GanttProject GanttProject A project scheduling and management software 13.3 No
10 GloboNote GloboNote Create sticky notes, to-do list, journals & reminders 4.8 No
11 ICEpdf ICEpdf A PDF-file viewer from ICEsoft Technologies Inc (free version) 3.2 No
12 JAddressBook JAddressBook Address book to keep contact and address information 0.4 Yes
13 Java DjVu Java DjVu A reader for books in DjVu format with advanced compression 0.2 No
14 JCards JCards Secure store personal data (passwords etc.) 3.8 No
15 JDiskReport JDiskReport Analyses your disk drivs and checks for the disk usage 0.7 No
16 jEdit jEdit Advanced text editor for programmers 5.4 No
17 jFindMyFiles jFindMyFiles Disk cataloger program for file searches using regular expressions 13.0 No
18 Joeffice Joeffice Java Office 38.2 No
19 JPad JPad A simple notepad for text files 0.0 No
20 JPDF Tools JPDF Tools A program to create PDF files by inserting texts, images ortables 10.1 No
21 jPDFtweak jPDFtweak An editor for PDF files 3.8 No
22 JPedal JPedal A PDF viewer with embedded font support, zooming, search, bookmarks,thumbnails 5.9 No
23 JPasswords JPasswords Password management program with encrypted databases 1.2 No
24 JSciCalc JSciCalc Java scientific calculator 0.3 Yes
25 JSignPdf JSignPdf A program to add digital signatures to PDF documents 22.7 No
26 jSlovo(EN) jSlovo(EN) Dictionary program (with English dictionaries) 1.8 Yes
27 jSlovo jSlovo Dictionary program +42 dictionaries (English,Russian,German, etc.) 95.7 No
28 J-Text J-Text A text editor 7.5 No
29 jWorkSheet jWorkSheet Personal time tracker for projects 0.3 Yes
30 JxCell JxCell Excel spreadsheet program 3.0 No
31 KisKis KisKis Keep passwords and sensitive/personal information in a secure file 7.5 No
32 LanguageTool LanguageTool Style and grammar checker for proofreading 64.3 No
33 Makagiga Makagiga Todo listing, text editing, or RSS reader for your office 3.8 No
34 MultiText MultiText Editor for editing plain text, xml, rtf, html documents 1.1 No
35 Password Dragon Password Dragon Easy, secure password manager 0.7 Yes
36 PDF SplitMerge PDF SplitMerge A tool to merge and split PDF documents 13.7 No
37 Pinem Pinem Sticky notes (reminder) for your desktop 0.3 No
38 Pooka Pooka An email client with IMAP/POP3 protocols and outgoing with SMTP 2.6 No
39 RTextDoc RTextDoc An editor for LaTeX and AsciiDoc documents with instant grammar checking 130.2 No
40 Rtext Rtext A good text editor 12.9 No
41 Screenshot Screenshot A screenshot program 0.0 No
42 SharpTools SharpTools A spreadsheet program 0.3 No
43 TextEditor++ TextEditor++ Text editor with PDF export and printing 1.1 Yes
44 UMP UMP Universal Password Manager 1.9 No
45 WorldTimeSystemTray WorldTimeSystemTray A world clock attached to the desktop tray 0.1 No
Science 32 programs 430.4
3D-XplorMathJ 3D-XplorMathJ Visualizing mathematical objects in 3D 1.2 No
Aladin Aladin An interactive sky atlas with accessing online catalogues 3.7 No
Biogenesis Biogenesis simulates the processes in the evolution of unicellular organisms 0.4 Yes
DataMelt DataMelt (DMelt) Numerical and statistical computation, data analysis and data visualization 180.6 No
DobHelper DobHelper Make star maps for anywhere at anytime 8.5 No
Encog Encog Machine Learning Framework 12.0 No
funcPlotter funcPlotter Plotting math functions interactively 0.6 Yes
JabRef JabRef Bibtex reference editor for LaTeX documents 13.6 No
Jas2 Jas2 Java analysis studio (2.2.5) for interactive data analysis in HEP 5.4 No
10 Jas3 Jas3 Java analysis studio for interactive data analysis in HEP 2.5 No
11 Jasymca Jasymca Symbolic calculations using Octave/Matlab/SciLab-like language 0.5 Yes
12 JaxoDraw JaxoDraw Drawing Feynman diagrams 1.2 No
13 JChemPaint JChemPaint An editor and viewer for 2D chemical structures 6.2 No
14 JEuclid-MathViewer JEuclid-MathViewer a complete MathML rendering solution based on JEuclid that can showmathematical equations 6.8 No
15 jMathLab jMathLab Mathematical symbolic and numerical computations. 5.6 No
16 JMinHEP JMinHEP Clustering data kmeans, C-means, agglomerative,hierarchicalalgorithms 2.8 No
17 Jmol Jmol a molecular viewer for 3-dimensional chemical structures 11.3 No
18 Joone Joone Object-oriented neural network with an editor 11.4 No
19 Lrecognise Lrecognise Leaves recognistion and identification based on neural network 0.9 No
20 MathOCR MathOCR Recognize printed formula in images and convert to LaTeX equations 0.4 No
21 MjoGraph MjoGraph A scientific graph editor to visualize numerical data and create publication-quality plots 12.2 No
22 MZmine2 MZmine2 Mass-spectrometry data analysis (mzML,mzXML,mzData,NetCDF,Thermo RAW data) 85.4 No
23 NightVision NightVision A planetarium program 2.8 No
24 PlotDigitizer PlotDigitizer Extract data points from a graph 0.9 No
25 Sinphi Sinphi A mathematical function and electronic signal plotter 0.3 No
26 StatCato StatCato Statistical package for elementary statistical computations(Confidence, Correlation and regression, ANOVA) 7.4 No
27 Surface Plotter Surface Plotter Plotting functions of 2 variables in 3D 0.2 Yes
28 Symja Symja A tool for symbolic mathematics (differentiation, polynomials, linear algebra) 5.8 No
29 UJMP UJMP Visual linear algebra calculations using Universal Java Matrix Package 1.4 No
30 UnBBayes UnBBayes A framework for modeling, learning and reasoning upon probabilistic networks 13.8 No
31 VOPlot VOPlot A tool for visualizing astronomical data in VOTABLE, ASCII and FITSformats 12.8 No
32 Weka Weka Programs for machine learning 11.8 No
Sound 6 programs 6.7
Free Mp3 Editor Free Mp3 Editor A MP3 editor that enables you to cut and join multiple mp3files 0.6 No
Jalmus Jalmus music education software helping the musicians, especially pianists 1.0 No
JLgui JLgui A music player that supports MP3, OGG, Vorbis, FLAC, WAV etc. audioformats 1.0 No
J-MP3Player J-MP3Player MP3 player 0.7 Yes
Mp3CD Browser Mp3CD Browser A catalogue for mp3 files stored in database with search (includes tags) 0.6 No
orDrumbox orDrumbox A drum machine with automatic music composition capabilities 2.8 No
System 16 programs 45.4
Ant Commander Ant Commander A powerful File Manager for any platform 5.5 No
Fly Fly System monitor for your computer (environment, IP host, memory) 0.0 No
JCTerm JCTerm A terminal emulator for SSH2 0.3 Yes
jDownloadMon jDownloadMon A download manager for multiple files with start(resume)/stop/pause 0.5 No
JFileSync JFileSync Synchronize directories of two different file systems. 1.0 No
Jfm Jfm A file manager 0.4 Yes
JMeld JMeld A visual diff and merge tool. Compare files and directories 9.8 No
JPC JPC x86 PC emulator for booting Windows up to Windows 95 (Win98 in safemode) 14.0 No
JSVN JSVN A subversion (SVN) client with full support of the subversion command set 0.2 No
10 JXplorer JXplorer A browser for LDAP database (LDIF) using security features (inc SSL, SASL & GSSAPI) 3.5 No
11 mAllemuck mAllemuck A simple file manager 2.2 No
12 PBackup PBackup A backup program for your files 0.6 No
13 Portable PGP Portable PGP encrypt,decrypt,sign and verify text and files 0.2 No
14 sdSVN sdSVN An advanced subversion (SVN) client application 5.9 No
15 XNap XNap A peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing application 1.1 No
16 ZipUnzip ZipUnzip Archive program to compress and uncompress files and directories(zip) 0.2 No
Video 2 programs 77.8
DataCrow DataCrow A media cataloger and media organiser 75.0 No
YTD2 YTD2 Application for downloading youtube videos as flv/mp4 files. 2.8 No
Number of supported programs: 184
Library size: 1600.2 MB
Updated on 2017-09-16

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