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Getting help

jMathLab has it's own help system. All programming modules are arranged in groups. You can list all functions which come with the program executing this statement:


It print all modules and functions. Functions typically ends with ".m" (MatLab scripts) or ".java" (Java-implemented functions). You can get help and examples on a particular function as:


where "acosh" is the name of the function. This will generate a dialog which shows how to use this function. You can add a new directory with your ".m" files using addpath methods.

To view variables which exist in the memory of the program, use who:


Determining object type

You can determine the type of the object using the "type" method. Try this example which prints the type of the symbolic expression "z*y":

syms x,y

Online help

There are more than 100 built-in functions included with jMathLab. They are implemented as a external MatLab functions (with the extension .m) or as a Java classes. You can look at them using the command path. Look at the reference manual Reference manual. Currently, only DataMelt full members can see the description of the methods.