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jWork.Org (http://jwork.org) is a Web portal established in 2006 with the goal of promoting open-source scientific software applications. It is used as a portal for sharing new ideas and software packages from dozens of software developers around the glob. Most notable application hosted at jWork.ORG [1] is DataMelt which represents a popular environment for numeric and statistic calculations and data visualization. Other applications, such as RTextDoc and jPort are more oriented for general users. The we portal host tens of applications, primary written in Java (programming language). Other hosted web sites includes various tutorials, for example http://jwork.org/learn (jWork.ORG learn) that focus on programming languages that run on the Java Platform.

jWork.ORG portal allows users to receive accounts and post blogs on scientific software topics. jWork.ORG also provides a software listing repository [2]. In 2016, this repository included more than a thousand software programs. Unlike other repositories, the jWork.ORG software repository does not provide possibility for code hostings.

As stated on the web site, jWork.ORG is a non-profit and does not run ads. It is supported via donations and membership fees that go to web services, documentation projects and user support.


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