International Communities and Business in USA Online map of international communities and business in USA

The goal of is to promote international business in the USA using an easy-to use online service with an interactive map. It allows the users to collaboratively create and edit information about their national places in the USA. Currently, it focuses on Eastern-European countries (Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine), but more countries will be added in future.

How to find international business in the USA?

Simply select a "Country" and click "Go". You will see a list of all business places which belong to your country in the USA (left) and an interactive map will display locations of such places using colorful markers.

One can also specify more details: select "state" or "topic" (such as churches, doctors, lawyers, restaurants, schools, etc.) to show only certain categories of international business places in certain areas of the USA.

How to work with interactive map?

After clicking "Go", you will see all international business places in an interactive map (right window). Markers on this map show locations of your business places. You can click on a marker to find more about the selected place (you will see a pop-up window with the description). If you click again on the marker and the pop-up window will disappear. One can also zoom in and zoom out the map to learn more about the location of the selected place. Finally, the link "summary" shows all places filled by the users. You can also search for a word in the title, description and address (upper-right search field).

How to bookmark

This is very simple: Select a "country" (optionally: "state" or "topic") using the menus on the left. Click "Go". This will show the business listing directory relevant to the selected options. Then copy and paster the URL link to your web page or bookmark it. For example:

How to add your business to the online directory?

There are several ways to include information about your national business:

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization with the goal to promote international communities in the USA. We exist exclusively due to donations. No adds. ®