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This site allows your to submit Java applets. In order to get an account, please click on the "User Login". Then you can submit your Java jar files and source codes in the usual way, by filling a small form. Please make sure that you send a source code, otherwise your applet may look impressive, but not useful for scientific community.

Submission form

The submission form consists of several fields, where you will specify the main class, title and parameters of the applet. You can also write a short article describing your work (math equations are supported). It should be noted that only jar files are accepted. Even if you have a single class file, you should still create a jar library from this file using the "jar" program. Submission page


It is assumed that your programs are licensed by GNU Public license or any similar free software license which gives rights to redistribute and/or modify them under its terms. JavaScience holds no rights or copyright on your work.

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