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 the image to vector format. the image to vector format.
 Now you are ready to plot functions, histograms and datasets. Now you are ready to plot functions, histograms and datasets.
-See documentation of HPlot in  ​[[/​scavis/​api/​doc.php/​jhplot/​HPlot|HPlot]]. +See the  ​[[/​scavis/​api/​doc.php/​jhplot/​HPlot|HPlot ​documentation]]. 
-It should be noted the HPlot canvas can be replaced by any other canvas described above.+It should be noted the [[/​scavis/​api/​doc.php/​jhplot/​HPlot|HPlot]] ​canvas can be replaced by any other canvas described above.
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 We labeled a point and generated a PDF files with the figure as shown in this figure: We labeled a point and generated a PDF files with the figure as shown in this figure:
-{{ticks.png|}}+{{ticks.png| ​Ticks on axis}}
 +=====Showing shapes and objects=====
 +You can show data and functions together with different 2D objects.
 +Here is a simple example that shows a histogram, a data set in X-Y and 3 ellipses:
 +{{:​man:​visual:​p1d_shapes.png| Shapes and data}}
 +<ifauth !@member>​
 +<note important>​
 +Unregistered users have a limited access to this section.
 +You can unlock advanced pages after  becoming [[/​scavis/​members/​selock| a full member]]. ​
 +You can also request to edit this manual and insert comments. ​
 +<ifauth @member,​@admin,​@editor>​
 +<code python 1|t >
 +Look at the Section [[man:​visual:​shapes | Drawing shapes]].
 ======Post editing====== ======Post editing======
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-====== Showing real-time data ====== 
-{{tag>​real_time data_stream}} 
-All canvas can be used to show data updated in real time. As example, we show how to display a random 
-points, updating the data every 100 ms. Note that we use the method "​clearData()",​ which reloads data container but does not change its graphical attributes. A slower method is "​clearAll()"​ 
-which reloads graphical attributes of the canvas. 
-<code python 1|t>​ 
-<note tip>The method "​clearData()"​ 
-may produce some memory leak if labels for X or  Y are should be drawn. It is advised to call "​clearLabels()"​ method, in addition to "​clearData()"​ to avoid a memory leak related to the font creation/​destruction of labels. ​ 
-Read this  [[/​scavis/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​id=10 | this forum ]] for details.</​note>​ 
-You can also use a lighter canvas, "​SPlot",​ which is much simpler and requires less resources. 
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-====== Embedding ​canvases into external ​JFrame ======+====== Embedding ​in JFrame ====== 
 +It is possible to embed SCaVis canvases in Java <​javadoc>​java.swing.JFrame</​javadoc>,​ so you can build an application with custom buttons. 
 +Here is an example:
 <ifauth !@member>​ <ifauth !@member>​
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 <ifauth @member,​@admin,​@editor>​ <ifauth @member,​@admin,​@editor>​
-It is possible to embed canvases to JFrame of the HPlot object. 
 <code python> <code python>
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