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SCaVis manual

Scientific tools

Unit conversion

SCaVis can be used to easily convert between different units of measurement. Simply start SCaVis IDE and select [Tools]→[Unit conversion].

Read more in unit_convert how to access this tool in Java/Jython programs.

LaTeX and MathML equations

Start it as [Tools]-[DragMath]


Interactive function plotter

Start it as [Tools]-[2D function plotter]

 Function plotter

Periodic table

Start it as [Tools]-[Periodic table]

 Periodic table

Data extraction from a figure

Use SCaVis to extract data points from image and save them into a file. Assume you have a image “example.gif” which shows some plot. You can open any image in the format PNG, JPEG or GIF. Open this image as:

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You will see a windows with the image:

Now perform a calibration of X and Y axis. Select a X-range, say between 0 and 6, and type there numbers in the field X0 and X1. The use the mouse and drag the cursor along the X axis between 0 and 6. As you drag you will see a red line spanning 0 and 6.

Then calibrate the Y-axis. Select a Y-range, type it in the window to the left of the window (Y0 and Y1). Then use the mouse to draw a blue line between selected range along Y-axis.

Once the calibration is complete, start clicking with the mouse on the data line. You will see green crosses. Then select “Save data”. Data will be written into a file “example.gif.unknown” in the same directory.

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