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The basic arithmetic operations are marked with the usual symbols (+ - * / ) . Exponention is performed with the accent character (^). Multiplication and division precede addition and subtraction; any order of evaluation can be forced by parenthesis.

>> 3.23*(14-2^5)/(15-(3^3-2^3))
ans = 14.535
>> 4.5e-23/0.0000013
ans = 3.4615E-17
>> 17.4^((3-2.13^1.2)^0.16)
ans = 13.125
>> 17.23e4/(1.12-17.23e4/(1.12-17.23e4/1.12))
ans = 76919

In addition to these arithmetic operators Jasymca provides operators for comparing numbers

< > >= <= == ~=

and for boolean functions

 & | ~

. Logical true is the number 1, false is 0.

>> 1+eps>1
ans = 1
>> 1+eps/2>1      % defines eps
ans = 0
>> A=1;B=1;C=1;   % semicolon suppresses output.
>> !(A&B)|(B&C) == (C~=A)
ans = 1

The most common implemented functions are the squareroot (sqrt(x)), the trigonometric functions (sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)) and inverses (atan(x), atan2(y,x)), and the hyperbolic functions (exp(x), log(x)). A large number of additional functions are available, see the list in chapter 4. Some functions are specific to integers, and also work with arbitrary large numbers: primes(Z) expands Z into primefactors, factorial(Z) calculates the factorial function. Modular division is provided by divide and treated later in the context of polynomials.

>> log(sqrt(854))         % natural logarithm
ans = 3.375
>> 0.5*log(854)
ans = 3.375
>> float(sin(pi/2))       % argument in radian
ans = 1
>> gammaln(1234)          % log( gamma( x ) )
ans = 7547
>> primes(1000000000000000001)
ans = [ 101  9901  999999000001 ]
>> factorial(35)
ans = 1.0333E40
>> factorial(rat(35))     % to make it exact.
ans = 10333147966386144929666651337523200000000


Name(Arguments) Function Mod
float() as floating point number M,O
rat() as exact number M,O
realpart() realpart of M,O
imagpart() imaginary part of M,O
abs() absolute value of M,O
sign() sign of M,O
conj() conjugate complex M,O
angle() angle of M,O
cfs() []) continued fraction expansion of with accuracy M,O
primes(VAR) VAR decomposed into primes M,O

Scalar functions

Name(Arguments) Function Mod
sqrt() squareroot M,O
exp() exponential M,O
log() natural logarithm M,O
sinh() hyperbolic sine O
cosh() hyperbolic cosine O
asinh() hyperbolic areasine O
acosh() hyperbolic areacosine O
sech() hyperbolic secans O
csch() hyperbolic cosecans O
asech() hyperbolic areasecans O
acsch() hyperbolic areacosecans O
sin() sine (radian) M,O
cos() cosine (radian) M,O
tan() tangens (radian) M,O
asin() arcsine (radian) M,O
acos() arccosine (radian) M,O
atan() arctangens (radian) M,O
atan2(, ) arctangens (radian) M,O
sec() secans (radian) O
csc() cosecans (radian) O
asec() arcsecans (radian) O
acsc() arccosecans (radian) O
factorial(N) factorial M,O
nchoosek(N,K) binomial coefficient O
gamma() gammafunction M,O
gammaln() logarithm of gammafunction M,O
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