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SCaVis manual

Introduction to AWork

The core of the SCaVis (JWork) Java project has been ported on the Android platform. This application is called AWork. Currently, most of the SCaVis API related to data analysis is supported. But the main scripting language is BeanShell. In this manual we describe how to use SCaVis on the android platform.

The AWork application can be downloaded from the GooglePlay portal.

After the installation on the android table, click on the AWork icon. This application is shown here:

Awork editor

You may setup a syntax highlighting to view the code.

Use the editor to write a code in either Octave/Matlab-like language, or using BeanShell scripting. The latter approach allows to use Java numeric libraries from the SCaVis project together the full access to JAVA API.

AWork forum and bug report

There is some discussion on googleplay about this application. Please do not hurry in posting comments on googleplay since some problems can easily be resolved after careful reading the documentation. Please go to the AWork bug report forum


If you have obtained this application from GooglePlay, then you can be a full SCaVis member with unlimited access to all documentation for 50% of the SCaVis membership. Of course, at large, the documentation for AWork is free as it is stated here.


The AWork project is based on the two open-source packages: the 920 TextEditor and AFreeChart.

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