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SCaVis manual

SCaVis online manual

Read this online manual to unleash the full power of SCaVis (former jHepWork, 2005-2013) for scientific computation and graphical visualization using Java libraries. A more complete description of how to use Java, Jython and SCaVis for scientific analysis can be found in the book Scientific data analysis using Jython and Java (by S.V.Chekanov) published by Springer Verlag, London, 2010.

SCaVis is a successor of the popular jHepWork package which has been under intensive development since 2005. It is fully backward compatible with jHepWork 3.9.

Table of contents

General topics

Mathematics, numeric calculations and visualisation

Data analysis and IO

Statistics and artificial intelligence

Symbolic calculations

Natural science and market analysis

Market analysis

Tools and image processing

For developers

Reading this manual

This red box indicates that you have a limited access to this manual. Your current access privileges are sufficient to view about 30% of this online manual, which is usually sufficient to get started with SCaVis. You cannot access URL to most of code snippets and references to documentation API for Java third-party classes is disabled.

One can unlock the complete manual and sections indicated by yellow boxes after becoming a full member (see login to the member area). Full members can also download code examples and/or run code examples using URL links to snippets from the SCaVis IDE (“File → Read script from URL”),

How to run the code snippets:

In case of short code snippets, use the interactive JythonShell of the SCaVis IDE.

In case if a code snippet is too long, you may wish to execute it directly inside the SCaVis IDE. Start the IDE and open the URL dialog as [File]-[Open from URL]. You will see a window where you can insert the URL link to a Jython code example. One can obtain URL location of code snippets given in this manual as: navigate the mouse under the “Download snipped” link (located above the shown code) and select “Copy link location”. Then paster the URL link to the SCaVis URL window and press “run”.

Additional resources

License of this manual

The text of this online manual is licensed and cannot be redistributed without written permission of the author.

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