CBook C++ packages

CBook packages allow to read data generated by C++ or Fortran programs using Google's ProtocolBuffers.

SCaVis version 3.9 and above uses ProtocolBuffers v2.5. In C++ programs, you should use ProMC/ library to generate outputs which can be read by SCaVis. For SCaVis v 3.8 and below, use the libraries CBook libraries . They are based on ProtocolBuffers v 2.4.1


CFBook - a legacy C++ and FORTRAN library to fill histograms, write them into a XML file and read them using the HBook class. No compression is used.


CBook - a C++ library to fill histograms (1D and 2D) and vectors and write them to a platform-neutral compressed format (file extension "pbu") based on Google's Protocol Buffers records. Use the class CFile to read such files and PBookBrowser to browser objects inside such files.

In addition, this C++ package allows to write structural data into ntuples (file extension "nbu") and read them back using SCaVis (class EFile). Data are compressed using zlib library.




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