Java is the top-ranked language


SCaVis is written in Java, the longest standing  and the most influential programming language. According to TIOBE index, Java is still the most popular object oriented language in 2015, ahead of C++, Objective C and C-sharp. According to The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, JavaScript is ranked the first, but this is mainly due to the web developers. Hey, who would even think about writing a desktop application in JavaScript? The third place is taken by PHP (another language for web applications).

SCaVis. A successor of jHepWork


SCaVis is a successor of jHepWork. Why this change in its name? jHepWork has its origin in high-energy physics (remember, Higgs?). The "Hep" part of jHepWork abbreviates "High-Energy Physics". jHepWork is used in several HEP areas, but it is not very popular in this field since high-energy physics is almost completely based on the ROOT C++ package developed at CERN. The reason is that experimental data are written and stored in the ROOT format. Currently jHepWork is not 100% compatible with this file format (it can read histograms and graphs, but not  complicated data structures written by ROOT/C++). Therefore, HEP scientists use ROOT and run Linux (typically, very old Linux flavors, such as RHEL5 or RHEL6).

I have renamed jHepWork to better reflect it's general purpose and to simplify the name of this program.


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