Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.xm3d.MainForWebStart' Java class

Class MainForWebStart

  • public class MainForWebStartextends Object
    A main class to be used with WebStart. Runs a version of the program that does not include file system commands. Command line argments can include: the option "--SingleExhibit" or the option "--SingleGallery" (if both are present, only --SingleExhibit is applied); an option "--Locale=xx" where xx is the two-letter language code to be used in I18n; and an argement specifying an Exhibit to be shown when the program is launched -- this argument should be either the full class name of an Exhibit class or the full resource file name, ending in ".xml", for an xml settings file). Any other command line arguments are ignored. Note that if no Exhibit is specified, or if the Exhibit cannot be loaded, then the "--SingleGallery" or "--SingleExhibit" is ignored. (It is not possible to show a single gallery with no Exhibit initially selected.)

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