Class SpaceCurveParametric

    • Constructor Detail

      • SpaceCurveParametric

        public SpaceCurveParametric()
    • Method Detail

      • geographicCoordinates

        public Vector3D geographicCoordinates(double theta,                             double phi)
        Computes spherical coordinates (x,y,z)(theta, phi). The z-axis is the pol-direction, theta = 0 gives (0,0,1), theta \in [0, pi], phi \in [0, 2 pi].
      • getT

        public double getT(int index)
        Returns the t-value used to calculate the i-th point (x(t),y(t),z(t)) on the curve.
      • getTResolution

        public int getTResolution()
        Returns the t-resolution, the number of subintervals into which the interval is divided. The size of the array that defines the curve is one plus this value.
      • makeRepereMobile

        public Vector3D[] makeRepereMobile(double t)
        Returns an array of four vectors representing the Repere Mobile to the curve at a specified t value. The array has length 4. The first vector is the point on the curve, and the other three vectors are the unit tangent, unit normal, and unit bi-normal to the curve at that point. The return value can be null, if the curve or its first or second derivative is not defined at the specified point. If the return value is non-null, then all four vectors in the returned array are non-null.
      • getAlternativeViews

        public View[] getAlternativeViews()
        Returns an array containing a single item, which is a View of type View3DLit. This is an alternative view of the curve in which the curve appears as a tube that surrounds the curve itself.
        getAlternativeViews in class Exhibit
        An array containing alternative views for this exhibit. In the top-level Exhibit class, the return value is null.
      • getActionsForView

        public ActionList getActionsForView(View view)
        Returns a list of actions that can be applied to this exhibit in the specified view. The list depends on whether the view is of type SpaceCurveParametricView or View3DLit.
        getActionsForView in class Exhibit
      • getCreateAnimation

        public Animation getCreateAnimation(View view)
        Returns an animation that shows the curve being drawn bit-by-bit.
        getCreateAnimation in class Exhibit
        view - The View where the creation animation will be shown. If this is null or if it is not an instance of SpaceCurveParametric.SpaceCurveParametricView, then the return value is null. The create animation is not used for a tube view of the curve; a build animation is used instead. A curce can be shown in a plaine View3D, but in that case no creation or build animation is used.
        A creation animation for the given View of this Exhibit. The return value can be null to indicate that no creation animation is to be run.
        See Also:
      • getBuildAnimation

        public Animation getBuildAnimation(View view)
        Returns a build animation of the tube view of the curve, that shows the tube being constructed from back to front. If the view is not a View3DLit, then the return value is null. Note that a build animation is used only for the tube view of the curve; for the regular view, a create animation is used instead.
        getBuildAnimation in class Exhibit
        view - The view into which the build animation will be installed.
        The return value in this top-level Exhibit class is null.
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