Class RepeatedSegmentFractal

    • Constructor Detail

      • RepeatedSegmentFractal

        public RepeatedSegmentFractal()
        Constructor sets a default color of BLACK and a default window of (-1,1,-1,1). It also adds "fractility" and "recursionLevel" parameters to the exhibit.
    • Method Detail

      • getCreateAnimation

        public Animation getCreateAnimation(View view)
        Returns a create animation that shows the curve at each approximation level from 1 up to the currently selected level of recursion.
        getCreateAnimation in class Exhibit
        view - A View that is displaying this Exhibit. The animation, if any, that is returned by this method will be installed in the View's display. If the view is null, than a creation animation that can run independently of a view could be returned.
        A creation animation for the given View of this Exhibit. The return value can be null to indicate that no creation animation is to be run.
      • getDefaultView

        public View getDefaultView()
        Returns a default view of type RSFView, where RSFView is a nested class inside this class.
        getDefaultView in class Exhibit

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