Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.fractals.Mandelbrot' Java class

Class Mandelbrot

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

    public class Mandelbrotextends Exhibit
    The Mandelbrot set. The exhibit has an associated decoration that can show an approximation of the outline of the Julia set and the zero-orbit associated with a point (cx,cy). This decoration is not visible by default, but can be made visible in a view of the exhibit. If it is visible, the start point (cx,cy) is marked with a white cross, and the user can drag this cross; in addition to the cross, either the Julia set or the zero-orbit or both can be shown. The coordinates cx, cy are given by the values of two parameters that are associated with the exhibit, so they can also be set directly.

    This exhibit differs from others in that the basic data needed to draw the exhibit is a bitmap. To make this work properly, a nested View class is defined that works only for Mandelbrot exhibits. The view class overrides the render() method from the base View class, which means that it is using a completly different rendering system from other exhibits. Various other changes were made that are unique to the Mandelbrot exhibit. Since this might be the only exhibit where the basic data is a bitmap, no attempt was made to make the modifications in a general way. Note that the View for a Mandelbrot exhibit MUST be of type Mandelbrot.MandelbrotView.

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