Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.core3D.Grid3D' Java class

Class Grid3D

  • public class Grid3Dextends Object
    A Grid3D represents a surface in three-space as an array of vectors. The first index of the array represents the "u" direction on the surface, while the second index represents the "v" directions. Methods are provided for drawing the surface a View3D or View3DLit. The surface is considered to be made up of "patches" which can be further divided into "subpatches". The surface can be drawn in wireframe form, by drawing each sub-patch, or just by drawing the large patches. When drawn in patch form, the lighting of the surface is derived from the View in which it is drawn. The intrinsic color of each individual patch can be set as part of the surface data. Drawing of the Grid3D will normally be done by calling methods in View3D and View3DLit, which will make sure that the data needed to complete the drawing correctly is done correctly.

    It is possible to construct a surface from several copies of a basic grid, where each copy is obtained by applying a TransformMatrix to the basic grid. These transforms are specified by the method addGridTransform(GridTransformMatrix). See also setUseIdentityTransform(boolean).

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