Class Exhibit3D

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      • Exhibit3D

        public Exhibit3D()
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      • getDefaultTransform

        public Transform getDefaultTransform(View view)
        Returns the default transform for use in the specified View. If the View is an instance of the View3D class, then a Transform3D object is returned; this object is constructed from the exhibit's default viewpoint and default window. If the view is not a View3D, then a 2D Transform is returned that is constructed using the exhibit's default window only.
        getDefaultTransform in class Exhibit
        view - The View is provided as a parameter since there might be several types of View appropriate for a given exhibit, and they might require different Transforms. In particular, for example, a 3D View will require a 3D Transform.
        In this top-level Exhibit class, the Transform that is returned is a 2D Transform created by calling "new Transform(xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax)" where the values of xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax are taken from the array returned by getDefaultWindow.
        See Also:
        setDefaultViewpoint(Vector3D), Exhibit.setDefaultWindow(double, double, double, double)
      • getDefaultView

        public View getDefaultView()
        Returns the default View of this Exhibit. In the Exhibit3D class, the return value is a basic View3D.
        getDefaultView in class Exhibit
      • setDefaultViewpoint

        public void setDefaultViewpoint(Vector3D defaultViewpoint)
        Set the default viewpoint for viewing this exhibit in 3D. The default viewpoint is used to construct the default 3D view of this Exhibit in getDefaultTransform(View). Subclasses of Exhibit3D can call this method -- probably in a construtor -- to set a resonable viewpoint for the particular exhibit. If the default viewpoint is set to null, then the default of the Transform3D class is used; this default is the point (20,0,0).
        defaultViewpoint - the default viewpoint for this Exhibit3D, or null to indicate that the default viewpoint in Transform3D is to be used.
      • setDefaultViewUp

        public void setDefaultViewUp(Vector3D defaultViewUp)
        Set the default view up vector for viewing this exhibit in 3D. The value of this vector is used to set the view up vector when the exhibit is installed. The initial value is null, which indicates that the default view up should be accepeted.
        defaultViewUp - the default view up vector for this Exhibit3D, or null to indicate that the default view up should be accepted.

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