Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.core3D.BasicMouseTask3D' Java class

Class BasicMouseTask3D

  • public class BasicMouseTask3Dextends MouseTask
    A MouseTask that is designed to handle the most common cases of interaction with a three-dimensional Exhibit. Clicking and dragging with the left mouse button on a 3D Exhibit will do trackball-style rotation of the Exhibit. Using the middle mouse button, or the left mouse button with the Shift or ALT/Option key, will zoom the Exhibit as the mouse is dragged up and down. Using the right mouse button, or the left mouse button with the Control or Meta/Command key, will drag the Exhibit.

    "Dragging" the exhibit has a special meaning when the exhibit is displayed in dual, sterographic mode. In that case, dragging the mouse horizontally will slide the two views of the exhibit closer together and farther apart. This is to allow the user to adjust the distance to make it easier to fuse the two views into one 3D view.

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