Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.core.Parameter' Java class

Class Parameter

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    ComplexParam, IntegerParam, RealParam

    public abstract class Parameterextends Object
    Represents a settable numeric parameter associated with another object, such as a View or Exhibit. A parameter is meant to be an attribute of a single object, which is its "owner." The owner implements interface Parameterizable, which defines a method Parameterizable.parameterChanged(Parameter, Object, Object). When a Parameter's value is changed, it calls this method in its owner.

    The value of a parameter can be set from a String that represents a constant expression. When the value is set in this way, the String is saved so that it can be returned when the parameter is converted to string form with the getValueAsString method. This allows parameters to have values such as "2*pi".

    In addition to its value, a parameter has a "default value" that is used (in the VMM core) only when the user clicks the "Defaults" button in a ParameterDialog. The default value is set the first time the parameter's value is set, and it can be explicitely reset later.

    Parameters can be (at least) integers, real numbers, or complex numbers. These possibilities are repesented by different subclasses. Some parameters are "animated"; animated parameters implement the interface Animateable.

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