Documentation API of the 'vmm3d.core.BasicMouseTask2D' Java class

Class BasicMouseTask2D

  • public class BasicMouseTask2Dextends MouseTask
    A BasicMouseTask2D is a MouseTask that allows the user to drag and zoom the 2D window that is used to draw the Exhibit in a display. Dragging is done with the left mouse button. Zooming is done by dragging up/down with the middle mouse button (or holding down a shift or alt or option key). When draggin with the left mouse button, the user can switch between dragging the exhibit and zooming it by pressing and releasing the shift key.

    The user can also use the right mouse key (or hold down the control or command key) to draw a rectangle; the rectangle can be moved while dragging by holding down the shift key. The View is then zoomed into that rectangle. The shape of the rectangle is contrained to have the same aspect ration as the display.

    All the methods in this class are called by a Display in response to user actions. None of them are meant to be called directly.

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