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Class TallyStore

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    public class TallyStoreextends Tally
    This class is a variant of Tally for which the individual observations are stored in a list implemented as a DoubleArrayList. The DoubleArrayList object used to store the values can be either passed to the constructor or created by the constructor, and can be accessed via the getDoubleArrayList method.

    The same counters as in Tally are maintained and are used by the inherited methods. One must access the list of observations to compute quantities not supported by the methods in Tally, and/or to use methods provided by the COLT package.

    Never add or remove observations directly on the DoubleArrayList object, because this would put the counters of the TallyStore object in an inconsistent state.

    There are two potential reasons for using a TallyStore object instead of directly using a DoubleArrayList object: (a) it can broadcast observations and (b) it maintains a few additional counters that may speed up some operations such as computing the average.

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