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Class F2NL607

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable, CloneableRandomStream, RandomStream

    public class F2NL607extends RandomStreamBase
    Implements the RandomStream interface by using as a backbone generator the combination of the WELL607 proposed in (and implemented in WELL607) with a nonlinear generator. This nonlinear generator is made up of a small number of components (say n) combined via addition modulo 1. Each component contains an array already filled with a ``random'' permutation of {0,..., s - 1} where s is the size of the array. These numbers and the lengths of the components can be changed by the user. Each call to the generator uses the next number in each array (or the first one if we are at the end of the array). By default, there are 3 components of lengths 1019, 1021, and 1031, respectively. The non-linear generator is combined with the WELL using a bitwise XOR operation. This ensures that the new generator has at least as much equidistribution as the WELL607, as shown in.

    The combined generator has a period length of approximatively 2637. The values of V, W and Z are 2250, 2150, and 2400, respectively (see RandomStream for their definition). The seed of the RNG has two part: the linear part is a 19-dimensional vector of 32-bit integers, while the nonlinear part is made up of a n-dimensional vector of indices, representing the position of the generator in each array of the nonlinear components.

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