Documentation API of the 'umontreal.iro.lecuyer.hups.CycleBasedPointSetBase2' Java class

Class CycleBasedPointSetBase2

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    F2wCycleBasedLFSR, F2wCycleBasedPolyLCG

    public abstract class CycleBasedPointSetBase2extends CycleBasedPointSet
    Similar to CycleBasedPointSet, except that the successive values in the cycles are stored as integers in the range {0,..., 2k -1}, where 1 <= k <= 31. The output values ui, j are obtained by dividing these integer values by 2k. Point sets where the successive coordinates of each point are obtained via linear recurrences modulo 2 (e.g., linear feedback shift registers or Korobov-type polynomial lattice rules) are naturally expressed in this form. Storing the integers 2kui, j instead of the ui, j themselves makes it easier to apply randomizations such as digital random shifts in base 2, which are applied to the bits before transforming the value to a real number ui, j. When a random digital shift is performed, it applies a bitwise exclusive-or of all the points with a single random point.

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