Documentation API of the 'org.jscience.physics.amount.AmountFormat' Java class

Class AmountFormat

  • public abstract class AmountFormatextends javolution.text.TextFormat<Amount<?>>

    This class provides the interface for formatting and parsing measures instances. For example:

         // Display measurements using unscaled units (e.g. base units or alternate units).     AmountFormat.setInstance(new AmountFormat() { // Context local.         public Appendable format(Amount m, Appendable a) throws IOException {             Unit u = m.getUnit();             if (u instanceof TransformedUnit)                   u = ((TransformedUnit)u).getParentUnit();             return AmountFormat.getPlusMinusErrorInstance(2).format(, a);         }         public Amount parse(CharSequence csq, Cursor c) {             return AmountFormat.getPlusMinusErrorInstance(2).parse(csq, c);         }     });

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