Documentation API of the 'org.jscience.mathematics.vector.SparseMatrix' Java class

Class SparseMatrix<F extends Field<F>>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javolution.lang.Immutable, javolution.lang.Realtime, javolution.lang.ValueType, GroupAdditive<Matrix<F>>, Ring<Matrix<F>>, Structure<Matrix<F>>, VectorSpace<Matrix<F>,F>

    public final class SparseMatrix<F extends Field<F>>extends Matrix<F>

    This class represents a matrix made of sparse vectors (as rows). To create a sparse matrix made of column vectors the transpose() method can be used. For example:

            SparseVector<Rational> column0 = SparseVector.valueOf(...);        SparseVector<Rational> column1 = SparseVector.valueOf(...);        SparseMatrix<Rational> M = SparseMatrix.valueOf(column0, column1).transpose();     

    As for any concrete structure, this class is declared final (otherwise most operations would have to be overridden to return the appropriate type). Specialized dense matrix should sub-class Matrix directly. For example:

            // Extension through composition.        final class BandMatrix <F extends Field<F>> extends Matrix<F> {             private SparseMatrix<F> _value;             ...             public BandMatrix opposite() { // Returns the right type.                 return BandMatrix.valueOf(_value.opposite());             }             ...        }

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