Documentation API of the 'org.jscience.mathematics.vector.Matrix' Java class

Class Matrix<F extends Field<F>>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javolution.lang.Immutable, javolution.lang.Realtime, javolution.lang.ValueType, GroupAdditive<Matrix<F>>, Ring<Matrix<F>>, Structure<Matrix<F>>, VectorSpace<Matrix<F>,F>
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ComplexMatrix, DenseMatrix, Float64Matrix, SparseMatrix

    public abstract class Matrix<F extends Field<F>>extends Objectimplements VectorSpace<Matrix<F>,F>, Ring<Matrix<F>>, javolution.lang.ValueType, javolution.lang.Realtime

    This class represents a rectangular table of elements of a ring-like algebraic structure.

    Instances of this class can be used to resolve system of linear equations involving any kind of Field elements (e.g. Real, Complex, Amount<?>, Function, etc). For example:

            // Creates a dense matrix (2x2) of Rational numbers.        DenseMatrix<Rational> M = DenseMatrix.valueOf(            { Rational.valueOf(23, 45), Rational.valueOf(33, 75) },            { Rational.valueOf(15, 31), Rational.valueOf(-20, 45)});                    // Creates a sparse matrix (16x2) of Real numbers.        SparseMatrix<Real> M = SparseMatrix.valueOf(            SparseVector.valueOf(16, Real.ZERO, 0, Real.valueOf(5)),            SparseVector.valueOf(16, Real.ZERO, 15, Real.valueOf(-3)));                    // Creates a floating-point (64 bits) matrix (3x2).        Float64Matrix M = Float64Matrix.valueOf(           {{ 1.0, 2.0, 3.0}, { 4.0, 5.0, 6.0}});                    // Creates a complex single column matrix (1x2).        ComplexMatrix M = ComplexMatrix.valueOf(           {{ Complex.valueOf(1.0, 2.0), Complex.valueOf(4.0, 5.0)}}).transpose();                    // Creates an identity matrix (2x2) for modulo integer.        SparseMatrix<ModuloInteger> IDENTITY = SparseMatrix.valueOf(           DenseVector.valueOf(ModuloInteger.ONE, ModuloInteger.ONE), ModuloInteger.ZERO);     

    Non-commutative field multiplication is supported. Invertible square matrices may form a non-commutative field (also called a division ring). In which case this class may be used to resolve system of linear equations with matrix coefficients.

    Implementation Note: Matrices may use StackContext and ConcurrentContext in order to minimize heap allocation and accelerate calculations on multi-core systems.

    See Also:
    Wikipedia: Matrix (mathematics)

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