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Class Real

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    Serializable, Comparable<Real>, javolution.lang.Immutable, javolution.lang.Realtime, javolution.lang.ValueType, javolution.xml.XMLSerializable, Field<Real>, GroupAdditive<Real>, GroupMultiplicative<Real>, Ring<Real>, Structure<Real>

    public final class Realextends Number<Real>implements Field<Real>

    This class represents a real number of arbitrary precision with known/guaranteed uncertainty. A real number consists of a significand, a maximum error (on the significand value) and a decimal exponent: ((significand \xc2\xb1 error) \xc2\xb7 10exponent).

    Reals number can be exact (e.g. integer values scaled by a power of ten). Exactness is maintained for Ring operations (e.g. addition, multiplication), but typically lost when a multiplicative inverse is calculated. The minimum precision used for exact numbers is set by setExactPrecision(int) (context local setting, default 19 digits).

    The actual precision and accuracy of any real number is available and guaranteed (the true/exact value is always within the precision/accuracy range).

    Operations on instances of this class are quite fast as information substantially below the precision level (aka noise) is not processed/stored. There is no limit on a real precision but precision degenerates (due to numeric errors) and calculations accelerate as more and more operations are performed.

    Instances of this class can be utilized to find approximate solutions to linear equations using the Matrix class for which high-precision reals is often required, the primitive type double being not accurate enough to resolve equations when the matrix\'s size exceeds 100x100. Furthermore, even for small matrices the "qualified" result is indicative of possible system singularities.

    See Also:
    Wikipedia: Real number, Serialized Form

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