Documentation API of the 'org.jscience.mathematics.number.LargeInteger' Java class

Class LargeInteger

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<LargeInteger>, javolution.lang.Immutable, javolution.lang.Realtime, javolution.lang.ValueType, javolution.xml.XMLSerializable, GroupAdditive<LargeInteger>, Ring<LargeInteger>, Structure<LargeInteger>

    public final class LargeIntegerextends Number<LargeInteger>

    This class represents an immutable integer number of arbitrary size.

    It has the following advantages over the java.math.BigInteger class:

    • Optimized for 64 bits architectures. But still runs significantly faster on 32 bits processors.
    • Real-time compliant for improved performance and predictability (no garbage generated when executing in StackContext).
    • Improved algorithms (e.g. Concurrent Karabutsa multiplication in O(nLog3) instead of O(n2).

    Note: This class uses ConcurrentContext to accelerate calculations on multi-cores systems.

    See Also:
    Wikipedia: Arbitrary-precision Arithmetic, Serialized Form

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