Class AbstractDataset

    • Method Detail

      • setGroup

        public void setGroup(DatasetGroup group)
        Sets the dataset group for the dataset.
        Specified by:
        setGroup in interface Dataset
        group - the group (null not permitted).
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      • getNotify

        public boolean getNotify()
        Returns the value of the notify flag. The default value is true. If this is false, calls to the fireDatasetChanged() method will NOT trigger a dataset change event.
        A boolean.
      • setNotify

        public void setNotify(boolean notify)
        Sets the notify flag, which controls whether or not the fireDatasetChanged() method notifies listeners. Setting this flag to true will trigger a DatasetChangeEvent because there may be queued up changes.
        notify - the new flag value.
      • validateObject

        public void validateObject()                    throws InvalidObjectException
        Validates the object. We use this opportunity to call listeners who have registered during the deserialization process, as listeners are not serialized. This method is called by the serialization system after the entire graph is read. This object has registered itself to the system with a priority of 10. Other callbacks may register with a higher priority number to be called before this object, or with a lower priority number to be called after the listeners were notified. All listeners are supposed to have register by now, either in their readObject or validateObject methods. Notify them that this dataset has changed.
        Specified by:
        validateObject in interface ObjectInputValidation
        InvalidObjectException - If the object cannot validate itself.

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