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Interface Timeline

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    public interface Timeline
    An interface that defines the contract for a Timeline.

    A Timeline will present a series of values to be used for an axis. Each Timeline must provide transformation methods between domain values and timeline values. In theory many transformations are possible. This interface has been implemented completely in SegmentedTimeline.

    A timeline can be used as parameter to a DateAxis to define the values that this axis supports. As an example, the SegmentedTimeline implements a timeline formed by segments of equal length (ex. days, hours, minutes) where some segments can be included in the timeline and others excluded. Therefore timelines like "working days" or "working hours" can be created where non-working days or non-working hours respectively can be removed from the timeline, and therefore from the axis. This creates a smooth plot with equal separation between all included segments.

    Because Timelines were created mainly for Date related axis, values are represented as longs instead of doubles. In this case, the domain value is just the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT as defined by the getTime() method of Date.

    See Also:
    SegmentedTimeline, DateAxis

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