Class MnUserParameterState

  • public class MnUserParameterStateextends Object
    The class MnUserParameterState contains the MnUserParameters and the MnUserCovariance. It can be created on input by the user, or by MINUIT itself as user representable format of the result of the minimization.
    • Method Detail

      • isValid

        public boolean isValid()
        Returns true if the the state is valid, false if not
      • hasCovariance

        public boolean hasCovariance()
        Returns true if the the state has a valid covariance, false otherwise.
      • hasGlobalCC

        public boolean hasGlobalCC()
      • fval

        public double fval()
        returns the function value at the minimum
      • edm

        public double edm()
        Returns the expected vertival distance to the minimum (EDM)
      • nfcn

        public int nfcn()
        Returns the number of function calls during the minimization.
      • params

        public double[] params()
        access to parameters and errors in column-wise representation
      • errors

        public double[] errors()
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val,       double err)
        add free parameter name, value, error
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val,       double err,       double low,       double up)
        add limited parameter name, value, lower bound, upper bound
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val)
        add const parameter name, value
      • fix

        public void fix(int e)
      • release

        public void release(int e)
      • setValue

        public void setValue(int e,            double val)
      • setError

        public void setError(int e,            double err)
      • setLimits

        public void setLimits(int e,             double low,             double up)
      • setUpperLimit

        public void setUpperLimit(int e,                 double up)
      • setLowerLimit

        public void setLowerLimit(int e,                 double low)
      • removeLimits

        public void removeLimits(int e)
      • value

        public double value(int index)
      • error

        public double error(int index)
      • fix

        public void fix(String name)
      • release

        public void release(String name)
      • setValue

        public void setValue(String name,            double val)
      • setError

        public void setError(String name,            double err)
      • setLimits

        public void setLimits(String name,             double low,             double up)
      • setUpperLimit

        public void setUpperLimit(String name,                 double up)
      • setLowerLimit

        public void setLowerLimit(String name,                 double low)
      • removeLimits

        public void removeLimits(String name)
      • value

        public double value(String name)
      • error

        public double error(String name)
      • index

        public int index(String name)
        convert name into external number of parameter
      • name

        public String name(int index)
        convert external number into name of parameter
      • extOfInt

        public int extOfInt(int internal)
      • variableParameters

        public int variableParameters()
      • setPrecision

        public void setPrecision(double eps)

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