Class MnApplication

    • Method Detail

      • minimize

        public FunctionMinimum minimize(int maxfcn,                       double toler)
        Causes minimization of the FCN and returns the result in form of a FunctionMinimum.
        maxfcn - specifies the (approximate) maximum number of function calls after which the calculation will be stopped even if it has not yet converged.
        toler - specifies the required tolerance on the function value at the minimum. The default tolerance value is 0.1, and the minimization will stop when the estimated vertical distance to the minimum (EDM) is less than 0:001*tolerance*errorDef
      • numOfCalls

        public int numOfCalls()
      • params

        public double[] params()
        access to parameters and errors in column-wise representation
      • errors

        public double[] errors()
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val,       double err)
        add free parameter
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val,       double err,       double low,       double up)
        add limited parameter
      • add

        public void add(String name,       double val)
        add const parameter
      • fix

        public void fix(int index)
      • release

        public void release(int index)
      • setValue

        public void setValue(int index,            double val)
      • setError

        public void setError(int index,            double err)
      • setLimits

        public void setLimits(int index,             double low,             double up)
      • removeLimits

        public void removeLimits(int index)
      • value

        public double value(int index)
      • error

        public double error(int index)
      • fix

        public void fix(String name)
      • release

        public void release(String name)
      • setValue

        public void setValue(String name,            double val)
      • setError

        public void setError(String name,            double err)
      • setLimits

        public void setLimits(String name,             double low,             double up)
      • removeLimits

        public void removeLimits(String name)
      • setPrecision

        public void setPrecision(double prec)
      • value

        public double value(String name)
      • error

        public double error(String name)
      • index

        public int index(String name)
        convert name into external number of parameter
      • name

        public String name(int index)
        convert external number into name of parameter
      • variableParameters

        public int variableParameters()
      • setUseAnalyticalDerivatives

        public void setUseAnalyticalDerivatives(boolean use)
        By default if the function to be minimized implements FCNGradientBase then the analytical gradient provided by the function will be used. Set this to false to disable this behaviour and force numerical calculation of the gradient.
      • useAnalyticalDerivaties

        public boolean useAnalyticalDerivaties()
      • setCheckAnalyticalDerivatives

        public void setCheckAnalyticalDerivatives(boolean check)
        Minuit does a check of the user gradient at the beginning, if this is not wanted the set this to "false".
      • checkAnalyticalDerivatives

        public boolean checkAnalyticalDerivatives()
      • setErrorDef

        public void setErrorDef(double errorDef)
        errorDef() is the error definition of the function. E.g. is 1 if function is Chi2 and 0.5 if function is -logLikelihood. If the user wants instead the 2-sigma errors, errorDef() = 4, as Chi2(x+n*sigma) = Chi2(x) + n*n.
      • errorDef

        public double errorDef()

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