Class TrainingSetUtil

  • public class TrainingSetUtilextends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • TrainingSetUtil

        public TrainingSetUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • loadCSVTOMemory

        public static MLDataSet loadCSVTOMemory(CSVFormat format,                        String filename,                        boolean headers,                        int inputSize,                        int idealSize)
        Load a CSV file into a memory dataset.
        format - The CSV format to use.
        filename - The filename to load.
        headers - True if there is a header line.
        inputSize - The input size. Input always comes first in a file.
        idealSize - The ideal size, 0 for unsupervised.
        A NeuralDataSet that holds the contents of the CSV file.
      • trainingToArray

        public static ObjectPair<double[][],double[][]> trainingToArray(MLDataSet training)

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