Class SOMClusterCopyTraining

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    public class SOMClusterCopyTrainingextends BasicTraining
    SOM cluster copy is a very simple trainer for SOM's. Using this triner all of the training data is copied to the SOM weights. This can provide a functional SOM, or can be used as a starting point for training.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SOMClusterCopyTraining

        public SOMClusterCopyTraining(SOM network,                      MLDataSet training)
        Construct the object.
        network - The network to train.
        training - The training data.
    • Method Detail

      • canContinue

        public final boolean canContinue()
        True if the training can be paused, and later continued.
      • getMethod

        public final MLMethod getMethod()
        Get the current best machine learning method from the training.
        The best machine learningm method.
      • iteration

        public final void iteration()
        Perform one iteration of training.
      • pause

        public final TrainingContinuation pause()
        Pause the training to continue later.
        A training continuation object.
      • resume

        public void resume(TrainingContinuation state)
        Resume training.
        state - The training continuation object to use to continue.

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