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Class LevenbergMarquardtTraining

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    public class LevenbergMarquardtTrainingextends BasicTraining
    Trains a neural network using a Levenberg Marquardt algorithm (LMA). This training technique is based on the mathematical technique of the same name. The LMA training technique has some important limitations that you should be aware of, before using it. Only neural networks that have a single output neuron can be used with this training technique. The entire training set must be loaded into memory. Because of this an Indexable training set must be used. However, despite these limitations, the LMA training technique can be a very effective training method. References: - - ---------------------------------------------------------------- This implementation of the Levenberg Marquardt algorithm is based heavily on code published in an article by Cesar Roberto de Souza. The original article can be found here: Portions of this class are under the following copyright/license. Copyright 2009 by Cesar Roberto de Souza, Released under the LGPL.

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