Class NeuralStructure

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    public class NeuralStructureextends Objectimplements Serializable
    Holds "cached" information about the structure of the neural network. This is a very good performance boost since the neural network does not need to traverse itself each time a complete collection of layers or synapses is needed.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NeuralStructure

        public NeuralStructure(BasicNetwork network)
        Construct a structure object for the specified network.
        network - The network to construct a structure for.
    • Method Detail

      • calculateSize

        public final int calculateSize()
        Calculate the size that an array should be to hold all of the weights and bias values.
        The size of the calculated array.
      • enforceLimit

        public final void enforceLimit()
        Enforce that all connections are above the connection limit. Any connections below this limit will be severed.
      • finalizeStructure

        public final void finalizeStructure()
        Build the synapse and layer structure. This method should be called after you are done adding layers to a network, or change the network's logic property.
      • getConnectionLimit

        public final double getConnectionLimit()
        The connection limit.
      • getFlat

        public final FlatNetwork getFlat()
        The flat network.
      • getLayers

        public final List<Layer> getLayers()
        The layers in this neural network.
      • getNetwork

        public final BasicNetwork getNetwork()
        The network this structure belongs to.
      • isConnectionLimited

        public final boolean isConnectionLimited()
        True if this is not a fully connected feedforward network.
      • requireFlat

        public final void requireFlat()
        Throw an error if there is no flat network.
      • setFlat

        public final void setFlat(FlatNetwork flat)
        Set the flat network.
        flat - The flat network.
      • updateProperties

        public final void updateProperties()
        Update any properties from the property map.

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