Interface MLComplexData

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    Cloneable, MLData
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    public interface MLComplexDataextends MLData
    This class implements a data object that can hold complex numbers. It implements the interface MLData, so it can be used with nearly any Encog machine learning method. However, not all Encog machine learning methods are designed to work with complex numbers. A Encog machine learning method that does not support complex numbers will only be dealing with the real-number portion of the complex number.
    • Method Detail

      • add

        void add(int index,       ComplexNumber value)
        Add a complex number to the specified index.
        index - The index to use.
        value - The complex number value to add.
      • getComplexData

        ComplexNumber[] getComplexData()
        The complex numbers.
      • getComplexData

        ComplexNumber getComplexData(int index)
        Get the complex data at the specified index.
        index - The index to get the complex data at.
        The complex data.
      • setData

        void setData(ComplexNumber[] theData)
        theData - Set the complex data array.
      • setData

        void setData(int index,           ComplexNumber d)
        Set a data element to a complex number.
        index - The index to set.
        d - The complex number.

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