Class ReadCsv

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    public class ReadCsvextends Object

    Base class for reading CSV formatted files. CSV stands for column-space-value where text strings are separated by a space character. The values are typically stored in a human readable format. The encoded text for a single variable is referred to as a word.

    Comments are allowed and identified by starting a line with the comment character. The comment character is user configurable. By default there is no comment character.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadCsv

        public ReadCsv(InputStream in)
        Constructor for ReadCsv
        in - Where the input comes from.
    • Method Detail

      • setComment

        public void setComment(char comment)
        Sets the comment character. All lines that start with this character will be ignored.
        comment - The new comment character.
      • getLineNumber

        public int getLineNumber()
        Returns how many lines have been read.
        Line number
      • getReader

        public BufferedReader getReader()
        Returns the reader that it is using internally.
        The reader.

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