Class UtilEjml

  • public class UtilEjmlextends Object
    Various functions that are useful but don't have a clear location that they belong in.
    • Field Detail

      • VERSION

        public static String VERSION
        Version string used to indicate which version of EJML is being used.

        public static double TOLERANCE
        Default tolerance.
      • EPS

        public static double EPS
    • Constructor Detail

      • UtilEjml

        public UtilEjml()
    • Method Detail

      • isUncountable

        public static boolean isUncountable(double val)
      • memset

        public static void memset(double[] data,          double val)
      • memset

        public static void memset(double[] data,          double val,          int length)
      • memset

        public static void memset(int[] data,          int val,          int length)
      • setnull

        public static <T> void setnull(T[] array)
      • max

        public static double max(double[] array,         int start,         int length)
      • parseMatrix

        public static DenseMatrix64F parseMatrix(String s,                         int numColumns)
        Give a string of numbers it returns a DenseMatrix
      • sortByIndex

        public static Integer[] sortByIndex(double[] data,                    int size)

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