Class EjmlParameters

  • public class EjmlParametersextends Object
    This is a list of parameters that are used across the code. To tune performance for a particular system change these values.
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      • MEMORY

        public static EjmlParameters.MemoryUsage MEMORY
        Used to adjust which algorithms are used. Often there is a trade off between memory usage and speed.

        public static int BLOCK_WIDTH

        In modern computers there are high speed memory caches. It is assumed that a square block with this width can be contained entirely in one of those caches. Settings this value too large can have a dramatic effect on performance in some situations. Setting it too low results in a less dramatic performance hit. The optimal value is dependent on the computer's memory architecture.


        public static int BLOCK_WIDTH_CHOL
      • BLOCK_SIZE

        public static int BLOCK_SIZE
        Number of elements in a block.

        public static int TRANSPOSE_SWITCH

        public static int MULT_COLUMN_SWITCH
        At what point does it switch from a small matrix multiply to the reorder version.

        public static int MULT_TRANAB_COLUMN_SWITCH

        public static int MULT_INNER_SWITCH

        public static int SWITCH_BLOCK64_CHOLESKY

        At which point should it switch to the block cholesky algorithm.

        In benchmarks the basic actually performed slightly better at 1000 but in JVM 1.6 it some times get stuck in a mode where the basic version was very slow in that case the block performed much better.


        public static int SWITCH_BLOCK64_QR
    • Constructor Detail

      • EjmlParameters

        public EjmlParameters()

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