Documentation API of the 'org.clapper.util.misc.MultiIterator' Java class

Class MultiIterator<T>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterable<T>, Iterator<T>

    public class MultiIterator<T>extends Objectimplements Iterator<T>, Iterable<T>

    The MultiIterator class provides a way to iterate over multiple Collection, Enumeration and Iterator objects at once. You instantiate a MultiIterator object and add one or more Collection, Enumeration or Iterator objects to it; when you use the iterator, it iterates over the contents of each contained composite object, one by one, in the order they were added to the MultiIterator. When the iterator reaches the end of one object's contents, it moves on to the next object, until no more composite objects are left.

    See Also:
    Iterator, Enumeration, Collection

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