Documentation API of the 'org.apache.commons.math3.stat.inference.TTest' Java class

Class TTest

  • public class TTestextends Object
    An implementation for Student's t-tests.

    Tests can be:

    • One-sample or two-sample
    • One-sided or two-sided
    • Paired or unpaired (for two-sample tests)
    • Homoscedastic (equal variance assumption) or heteroscedastic (for two sample tests)
    • Fixed significance level (boolean-valued) or returning p-values.

    Test statistics are available for all tests. Methods including "Test" in in their names perform tests, all other methods return t-statistics. Among the "Test" methods, double-valued methods return p-values; boolean-valued methods perform fixed significance level tests. Significance levels are always specified as numbers between 0 and 0.5 (e.g. tests at the 95% level use alpha=0.05).

    Input to tests can be either double[] arrays or StatisticalSummary instances.

    Uses commons-math TDistribution implementation to estimate exact p-values.

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