Documentation API of the 'org.apache.commons.math3.ode.SecondOrderDifferentialEquations' Java class

Interface SecondOrderDifferentialEquations

  • public interface SecondOrderDifferentialEquations
    This interface represents a second order differential equations set.

    This interface should be implemented by all real second order differential equation problems before they can be handled by the integrators SecondOrderIntegrator.integrate(org.apache.commons.math3.ode.SecondOrderDifferentialEquations, double, double[], double[], double, double[], double[]) method.

    A second order differential equations problem, as seen by an integrator is the second time derivative d2Y/dt^2 of a state vector Y, both being one dimensional arrays. From the integrator point of view, this derivative depends only on the current time t, on the state vector Y and on the first time derivative of the state vector.

    For real problems, the derivative depends also on parameters that do not belong to the state vector (dynamical model constants for example). These constants are completely outside of the scope of this interface, the classes that implement it are allowed to handle them as they want.

    See Also:
    SecondOrderIntegrator, FirstOrderConverter, FirstOrderDifferentialEquations

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