Interface MainStateJacobianProvider

    • Method Detail

      • computeMainStateJacobian

        void computeMainStateJacobian(double t,                            double[] y,                            double[] yDot,                            double[][] dFdY)                              throws MaxCountExceededException,                                     DimensionMismatchException
        Compute the jacobian matrix of ODE with respect to main state.
        t - current value of the independent time variable
        y - array containing the current value of the main state vector
        yDot - array containing the current value of the time derivative of the main state vector
        dFdY - placeholder array where to put the jacobian matrix of the ODE w.r.t. the main state vector
        MaxCountExceededException - if the number of functions evaluations is exceeded
        DimensionMismatchException - if arrays dimensions do not match equations settings

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