Documentation API of the 'org.apache.commons.math3.distribution.LogNormalDistribution' Java class

Class LogNormalDistribution

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, RealDistribution

    public class LogNormalDistributionextends AbstractRealDistribution
    Implementation of the log-normal (gaussian) distribution.

    Parameters: X is log-normally distributed if its natural logarithm log(X) is normally distributed. The probability distribution function of X is given by (for x > 0)

    exp(-0.5 * ((ln(x) - m) / s)^2) / (s * sqrt(2 * pi) * x)

    • m is the scale parameter: this is the mean of the normally distributed natural logarithm of this distribution,
    • s is the shape parameter: this is the standard deviation of the normally distributed natural logarithm of this distribution.
    See Also:
    Log-normal distribution (Wikipedia), Log Normal distribution (MathWorld), Serialized Form

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