Class LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactory

  • public class LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactoryextends BaseRuleFactory<BigDecimal>
    Factory that creates Gauss-type quadrature rule using Legendre polynomials. In this implementation, the lower and upper bounds of the natural interval of integration are -1 and 1, respectively. The Legendre polynomials are evaluated using the recurrence relation presented in .
    • Constructor Detail

      • LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactory

        public LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactory()
        Default precision is DECIMAL128.
      • LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactory

        public LegendreHighPrecisionRuleFactory(MathContext mContext)
        mContext - Precision setting for computing the quadrature rules.

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