Documentation API of the 'math.utils.EqualUtils' Java class

Class EqualUtils

  • public final class EqualUtilsextends Object
    Collected methods which allow easy implementation of equals. Rewritten from Example use case in a class called Car:
    public boolean equals(Object aThat){  if ( this == aThat ) return true;  if ( !(aThat instanceof Car) ) return false;  Car that = (Car)aThat;  return    EqualsUtil.areEqual(, &&    EqualsUtil.areEqual(this.numDoors, that.numDoors) &&    EqualsUtil.areEqual(this.gasMileage, that.gasMileage) &&    EqualsUtil.areEqual(this.color, that.color) &&    Arrays.equals(this.maintenanceChecks, that.maintenanceChecks); //array!} 
    Arrays are not handled by this class. This is because the Arrays.equals methods should be used for array fields.

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